I have been reading ‘Brilliant NLP’ by David Molden and Pat Hutchinson.

I’ve just read this technique on how to focus if you are doing a task from which you are easily distracted (for those of you who know me, I am easily distracted!) and I found it useful, so I thought I would share*:

Step 1 – Think about a time when you find it easy to focus e.g. when watching a TV programme you enjoy, or reading a good book. Recognise that it’s not ‘all the time’ you are unable to focus, which means you can transfer this skill to other tasks

Step 2 – Identify an activity where you find it hard to focus and consider whether it is of any value to you – what do you get from it, what would be the consequences if you didn’t do it – connecting with the outcome will help you engage with it and give you a stronger purpose for doing it

Step 3 – Even if you can see the positive benefits in a task, you may still lose heart when you think of doing it – part of you wants the benefit, the other part wishes you didn’t have to do it at all (I recognise this!)

So, what do you do…

Step 4 – First recognise this feeling of avoidance, tell yourself it is not serving you well, and remind yourself that you really do want the benefit

Step 5 – Visualise having completed the task – turn up the brightness of your mental image, make sure you are projecting your mental image above the horizon level, intensify it and allow yourself to really feel the sense of satisfaction in completing it

Step 6 – Keep hold of this feeling and relax.  Look into the palm of your hand and tell yourself you are going to focus so much nothing will distract you, and really observe the details of your palm – the colours, lines, below the surface of the skin. Do this for 1 minute and your attention will be highly focused.

Step 7 – Keeping this same state of mind and positive intention, move your attention from your hand to your task and get on with it!

I am going to try this next time I am feeling easily distracted to see if it works, hope you find it useful too!

*Adapted from ‘Brilliant NLP’ by David M

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