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Sarah Bryson

Sarah has been leading and developing people in the private sector for over 18 years. For the last four years she has been working as a Leadership coach. She brings an exuberant and powerful coaching style, as well as a wealth of experience in all areas of leadership.

Sarah builds strong and lasting relationships with her clients and creates a safe and open space for them to deepen their understanding of their business and the people within it, giving them the opportunity to navigate their way through challenges and give them to tools move forward with their goals and dreams.

She is passionate about the role of coaching in business and has personally experienced the lifelong impact of effective transformational coaching.

Her humour, humility and energy, together with her expertise in delivering powerful techniques, enable people to thrive in a complicated world.

Based in Yorkshire, Sarah is an Accredited Foundation Executive Coach and a member of the Association of Coaches.

Association for Coaching and Accredited Foundation Executive Coach

Dancing in the Mindfield

"People and relationships are at the heart of what we do” Sarah explains, “We offer a suite of tools and techniques to support leaders and teams to reach their full potential".

Our ethos is honest, accessible, vibrant, fun and agile. We deliver Leadership Coaching to meet the client’s individual requirements, incorporating appropriate techniques and formats. Our coaching is designed for small to medium sized businesses, entrepreneurs and individual business leaders.

Sarah Bryson Teaching - Dancing in the Mind Field
Sarah Bryson Coaching - Dancing in the Mind Field

Benefits of coaching

Senior executive burnout is becoming commonplace and many of those in leadership roles report that it is lonely at the top. When under pressure, it can be difficult to stop, take a look around and check in on the bigger picture. Working with Sarah gives clients the opportunity to have open and frank conversations with an objective and supportive coach, which is invaluable.

A recent survey, conducted by City and Guilds Group, of more than 1000 professionals, reported that 84% of participants said that coaching should be part of every business's management and development programme.

(Coaching at Work Magazine, Vol 14, Issue 1)

Coaching allows individuals and teams to:

  • Manage stress and pressure
  • Develop a healthy work life balance
  • Create an environment to promote well being
  • Work with challenging relationships
  • Prioritise effectively
  • Clarify future aspirations
  • Set clear goals to achieve the dream
  • Develop their Leadership Style
  • Work with change in their organisation
Dancing in the Mind Field

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